“Andy promised to blow away our audience as the closing keynoter for our national conference. He did. His relatable, engaging, intense and deeply personal presentation had everyone in tears by the end. Everyone. Not just the over 1,500 people in attendance (who gave him a 1-minute standing ovation at the keynote’s conclusion), but also my staff and even me. What blew me away was his ability to deliver such a rich presentation and speak directly to the core leadership challenges of my attendees. That is, he drew them in and also imparted essential, tangible lessons on empathy and leadership.  I could not possibly expect anything more from a keynote.”

-Aaron Steinberg, Chairman, The National Directors and CEOs Leadership Convention

“Simply put, Andy Janning’s presentation, presence and energy was amazing. What he shared with us connected with nearly every person in the room on some level. The feedback was five stars out of five all around. Andy has a magical gift of making you smile, laugh and cry all within a matter of minutes.  His ability to connect with the audience through the use of storytelling, much of which is from personal experience, is unparalleled of other speakers, especially those speaking in the professional services arena.  If your organization is anything like ours, always looking for new ways to connect our people, solidify our brand values and create a unified team, Andy is someone you will want to know.”

-Bridget Scott, Communication and Engagement Practice Leader, Hylant

“Andy is AMAZING – he’s a brilliant story teller, is crazy authentic and genuine, speaks from his heart about things that really matter and people leave remembering what a gift it is to serve and connect with others. Walking away from this presentation, I felt a sense of renewed energy around making a positive difference in peoples’ lives and know I have some wonderful tools to do just that! He’s engaging, hilarious and knows how to cut to the really important stuff. Bottom line: This guy and this message are something every person would benefit from seeing!

-Shanon Reiman, Director of Leadership and Talent Management, Horizon Credit Union

“As for your feedback from your presentation to our third-year students: ‘EXCELLENT!’, ‘AWESOME!’, ‘GAINED ANOTHER HERO TODAY!’ and ‘HANDS DOWN BEST PRESENTER EVER!’ sums up what the evaluations said. You received a 5 out of 5 rating. Outstanding, Andy. Seriously, you wow’d the crowd.  Thank you.

 -Kristin Ryan, Director, Credit Union National Association (CUNA) Management School

“I feel very fortunate that Big Rivers brought you here to share your thoughts with us. This was definitely the best seminar I have ever attended. You held our interest (actually kept me on the edge of my seat) and the time flew by. I would love to see you come back in the future. I keep the handout on my desk to remind myself to listen carefully, try to be a hero and try to be someone’s Clarence. Thank you again for coming!!!”

 -Joy Parsley, Big Rivers Electric Company

“I saw Andy Janning speak at a joint event for CUNA and the American Association of Credit Union Leagues. I thought he was brilliant, touching, vulnerable, and drove home very important points for life and work. We invited him to speak at our annual credit union league convention in Georgia as our closing keynote speaker. Andy did an incredible job and truly touched the lives of our meeting attendees, who said things like “Andy was one of the best speakers ever!” “Have him again. Wonderful!” “Very inspirational!” and “What a stunning lesson for us to apply in our lives!”

-Maureen Bock, VP of Growth Services, Georgia Credit Union Affiliates

“We had the privilege of having Andy Janning deliver Heroes, Villains, and Drunk Old Men as the keynote for our employee annual meeting…and he totally exceeded my expectations! Andy’s hour on the stage felt like 20 minutes. He kept over 300 employees engaged and captivated by his presentation. Employees laughed, reflected, and even shed tears together. At the end, our employees gave Andy a much deserved, thunderous standing ovation. Andy was great to work with. We spent time discussing our current climate at the credit union, and Andy was able to work them seamlessly into his presentation. Employees remarked afterward how they felt he was speaking directly to them, and how in tune he was to our culture and challenges they face every day. In my ten years at the credit union, Andy was far and away the easiest speaker to work with and the most well received by our employees.

-Michael Patterson, AVP – Employee Benefits & Development, TruMark Financial Credit Union

“We initially decided to work with Andy after seeing him deliver a fantastic keynote at a conference.  His extensive understanding of credit unions only increased his credibility when working with our leadership group at Empower FCU.  We strive to provide our leadership team with ongoing development opportunities.  Our goals mimic Andy’s passion and drive to support the growth of leaders.  He embraced our culture and offered continuous support above and beyond our expectations.   Empower Federal Credit Union is grateful to have worked with such a knowledgeable and enthusiastic professional.” 

- Justin Roth, Director of Cultural Affairs, Empower Federal Credit Union

You’ve hit the jackpot when bringing Andy in to speak at an event.  He will make your audience laugh, he will motivate them and possibly make them shed a tear or two.  I have used Andy at several national conferences over the past two years and he consistently is one of most highly rated speakers.  You won’t be disappointed!”

-Cheryl Sorenson, Manager - Conferences and Meetings, CUNA Councils

“I’ve had the opportunity to attend quite a number of workshops through the years. Andy Janning is, by far, the most engaging I’ve ever seen.

“Every word that came from Andy was so true that I didn’t want to miss anything that he had to say.”

“I was completely engaged and enthusiastic the entire time. I left feeling enthusiastic about my career and life. He was amazing!”

“One of the best speakers I’ve ever heard.”

 -Credit Union of New Jersey “All-Employee Celebration Day” Attendees

“Andy served as our 2014 Crasher group facilitator and also presented a breakout session at our Iowa Credit Union Convention. He received the highest marks of any of our speakers and truly made a positive impact on our Crashers and attendees.  His presentation was exceptional and a perfect fit for this year’s Convention activities. Andy is an authentic, inspirational leader and dynamic speaker.  Through humor, personal stories and insight he connects with his audience in a thought-provoking way. He is a pleasure to work with and we would highly recommend him to any organization.”  

-Andrea Dose, Member Outreach Coordinator, Iowa Credit Union League

The most inspiring and invigorating presentation I have heard. This makes me want to be a better person.”

“Powerful speaker. Thank you for sharing your story. Your presentation was wonderful and passionate. It made me feel empowered and excited about the future. I can’t wait to take your thoughts into the world.”

“Your session and enthusiastic delivery makes me want to become a better leader, wife, mother, and person. Thank you for reminding me that I can make a difference. You rock!”

“Best ever experience at a conference!”

-Iowa Credit Union League Convention attendees

“I have planned many events in my career, and never have I had such a low-maintenance speaker who also provides a quality presentation with near perfect scores from our conference participants. Andy is not only a great speaker, but he is as humble and grateful as they get!”

-Melissa Mulrine, Events Producer, National Association of Federal Credit Unions

“You did a fantastic job for us. Your authentic style grabbed the audience in a special way and energized them.  Your efforts created a wonderful experience for our participants and made us feel so good about what we threaded together for them.”

-Denise Gabel, COO, Northwest Credit Union Association

“While I was listening to your presentation to the large group, it felt as though I was the only person in the room.  I was engaged because I could feel the joy that you were putting out there coming from your happiness in helping others.  Your stories are very inspirational and I cannot tell you how much your stories and words affected me. Because of the words you put together, I feel like my life has been changed in a very positive way. I cannot express enough thanks, but please know that I will be going forward in the world helping others and telling the stories of heroes because you were on a stage in May!”

-Allen, Wisconsin CU League Annual Convention attendee

“Thank you so much for having Andy this year! What a great way to start off day two!”

“Keynotes were top-notch. Andy Janning was five-star and delivered original, inspirational, and thought-provoking content.”

Andy Janning’s keynote. Hands down. Drop the mic.

-Various attendees, CUNA Marketing/Business Development Council Conference

When I grow up, I want to be half as good a presenter as Andy Janning.

-Ron Shevlin, Director of Research, Cornerstone Advisors

“I’m a little bit of an Andy Janning super-fan. That’s not creepy at all, right? In all seriousness, I attended a two-day train-the-trainer workshop a few years ago hosted by the Missouri Credit Union Association. Andy facilitated the session. It was absolutely phenomenal. The lessons learned were so valuable that I still refer back to them to this day. He is so passionate in his sessions and you always walk away feeling motivated and ready to conquer the world.”

-Danielle Buscher, CU Water Cooler Symposium attendee