For one week

in Thanksgiving 2015,

17 volunteers from

Traders Point Christian Church

served on the mission fields

of Monterrey, Mexico.


The TPCC team,

of which my family was a part,

brought smiles

to the faces of orphans,

prayed for and encouraged 

their caregivers, 

and did everything we could 

to repair and improve

the facilities.


For us, 

it put a face

on those whom Christ called

"the least of these"

and gave us the opportunity

to pour into

innocent and humble souls

we may never see again 

this side of Heaven, 

but who will stay 

in our hearts and prayers


2015 Monterrey - Day 2-4496.jpg
2015 Monterrey - Day 2-4787.jpg
2015 Monterrey - Day 2-4688.jpg
2015 Monterrey - Day 4-6045.jpg
2015 Monterrey - Day 4-5592.jpg
2015 Monterrey - Day 4-6077.jpg
Day 3 - Monterrey-5722.jpg
2015 Monterrey - Day 2-4577.jpg
2015 Monterrey - Day 2-5508.jpg
Day 3 - Monterrey-4881.jpg
Day 3 - Monterrey-5160.jpg
2015 Monterrey - Day 4-5977.jpg
Day 6 - Monterrey-6926.jpg
Thanksgiving Day - Monterrey-6091.jpg
Thanksgiving Day - Monterrey-6364.jpg
Thanksgiving Night - Monterrey-6377.jpg