2017 Promo Shots for Book-6993.jpg

This is the first copy of my first book, held by the woman who loved me first, lying in the last place she wanted to be. 

This is my mother, battling the e. coli infection that nearly took her life in late 2017.

I couldn't wait to visit her in the hospital and give her this book in person,  to help her forget the needles and tubes, to lift her away from the pain and uncertainty she'd endured for far too long. 

The magnificent smile that lit up the room as she opened my book was the one I'd wanted to put on her face for over four decades.

Filled with poignant stories, practical advice, and some of my favorite photos, this book shares the best of everything I've learned in the past 25 years about how to bring out the best in people.

Order your copy today on Amazon.


I wrote three additional companion pieces for Heroes:

8 Questions for Every Hero: a 43-page workbook dedicated to helping you master one of the foundational concepts in Heroes.

Voices: the prequel to Heroes that shares why I almost didn’t write the book at all, and the one voice who convinced me otherwise.

Behind the Shots: the stories that inspired many of the photographs in Heroes.

These are also available on Amazon.